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About Us

AmyLara Veterinary Clinic is a Dublin vet clinic that offers a wide range of veterinary treatments for pets and small animals in Artane.

At the AmyLara Veterinary Clinic in Artane, our areas of expertise covers all companion animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs & birds.

All pets at our Dublin veterinary clinic are cared for in a modern and well-equipped environment, where the welfare of our patients is our primary concern.

Pet owners in Artane can have confidence in the professional Dublin vets at AmyLara Veterinary Clinic, who have the knowledge and experience to recommend the right services to care for your pet.

Our vast array of diagnostic facilities enable our vets to provide a fast and thorough throughput of cases while utilising the widest range of the most up to date methods and practices.

We encourage that where possible, our clients have pet insurance as vet bills can be expensive particularly if your pet has complicated health problems that require long term care and management. Pet insurance also means we can fully investigate any health issues your pet may have, using all the range of diagnostic facilities we have access to and offer the most up to date treatment that veterinary medicine can provide.

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